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Welcome to Thanksgiving Heroes Cleveland

Welcome to Thanksgiving Heroes Cleveland, where the spirit of gratitude meets the power of compassion! In this season of giving, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those in need right here in Lorain County.

As we gather with our loved ones to celebrate and give thanks, it’s important to remember that not everyone in our community has the same opportunity to enjoy a bountiful meal. Hunger is an unfortunate reality for many families, and the statistics for the state of Ohio paint a stark picture.
According to recent data, more than 1,391,290 individuals in Ohio are facing food insecurity. This means that families, children, and seniors are struggling to access sufficient nutritious food to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
But fear not, because Thanksgiving Heroes Cleveland is here to make a difference! Our mission is to unite as a community, spreading love and support to those who need it most. With your help, we can be the heroes that provide warmth, nourishment, and hope to those facing hunger during this special time of year.
Our team of dedicated volunteers and generous supporters work tirelessly to raise money all year long, to create Thanksgiving meal kits to be delivered to families in need. We collaborate with local school districts, churches, programs and other non-profits to ensure that no one goes hungry. We believe that together, we can make a significant impact in the lives of our neighbors and create lasting memories of gratitude and compassion.
But we can’t do it alone. We invite you to be part of this heartwarming initiative. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer your time, or spread the word about Thanksgiving Heroes Cleveland, every small act of kindness counts and brings us closer to creating a hunger-free community.
Join us this Thanksgiving as we come together to be the heroes our community needs. Let’s rewrite the narrative for Lorain County, turning hunger into hope and making this holiday season truly special for everyone.”
Thanksgiving Heroes Cleveland – Where every plate tells a story of love and compassion. Together, we can make a difference and create a Thanksgiving to remember for all!
-TGH Board of Directors

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